July 19, 2019
“Carefully examined, not only with the most scrupulous, but with the most suspicious attention.”
- Adam Smith

What is Adam Smith Project?

The Adam Smith Project is a new initiative intended to foster dialogue between industry, trade associations, and the governments that compose and implement regulations impacting global commerce. Our esteemed editors and expert guest commentators seek to deeply examine the drivers behind the surge in populism and the waning affections for globalization with scrupulous attention to their consequences in hopes of incubating and promoting prescriptive actions to drive inclusive global economic growth through trade.

Since before the advent of containerization, Howard Publications has provided professionals with actionable news and insights on global trade and supply chains. Since 1974, we’ve been among the leading publishers in this space with our magazine, American Shipper. Since 1999, we’ve become the go-to provider of information for ocean carriers and freight forwarders for information on containerized shipping. We’re trusted by the biggest names in ocean shipping and freight forwarding to provide decision making data.

From this unique vantage point, we find accelerating sentiments of protectionism particularly troubling. Globalization is in transition.